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I have been performing short path distillation for the last 5 years. When I first started, I had a 5 Liter short path from [a competitor]. It was ok, but primitive for the processing I needed to do. I constantly had problems with vacuum leaks due to hoses. One day, I was so annoyed with my purchase from [competitor], I went online and discovered your company. I ordered the 12L G2 Executive Short Path unit, and the price made me hesitant at first. When I set it up the unit and had it running, I was producing about 250 grams of distillate per hour at 190 degrees Celsius with about 100 millitorrs of vacuum pressure. My other unit will not even distill at the same temperature due to a vacuum pressure of 700 millitorrs. When I was done with the run, I literally gathered up all my parts for my 5 liter short path from [competitor] and threw it into the dumpster. From that moment on, I will only buy my equipment from Lab Society. The quality of glass and the product itself is far superior compared to all the other brands I have tried. I use this short path every day, and I am still extremely satisfied with it. I also bought a chromatography column from Lab Society, and that has significantly increased the quality and color of my distillate. If I ever need to upgrade, I know exactly where to go. Keep up with the great work, I have referred your equipment to many other labs during my consultations.

Mark G.

“Our 20L short path distillation kit from Lab Society helps us to process large runs of crude, resulting in top quality distillate. We love this machine, thank you Lab Society!” – High Elevation Laboratories LLC

“Getting to know the Lab Society staff personally, we talked about how they got started. Their stories of entrepreneurship helped reinforce my belief that the direction I had chosen was the correct one, and it inspired me to keep going.”

“This [short path distillation] system rocks! Has revolutionized our production and output!
Keep it up!”

“Product works great and fast delivery. thanks guys!”

“Super happy with my purchase and personalized service via phone rep when i wanted to increase my order from their web site of their hard to find lab equipment.”

“Lab Society always comes through with great service and gets you your products with super speed!”

“Lab Society takes great care of their customers!”

“They went above and beyond what was necessary to replace a damaged product. I can’t thank them enough and will spread the word of the quality of the product and the amazing customer service!”

“Huge thank you to the guys at Lab Society. Always nice to have someone to call when you’re unsure about something.”

“I’m impressed with your commitment to us as customer, and I am amazed by your entire team’s focus in aiding in our success.”

“You have no idea. Our company was at a stand still. Going nowhere with bottle necks. Tommy went out of his way, above and beyond to help our facility get running. You have a customer for life.”

Thomas D.

Great quality product. Super quick delivery. Thanks, folks!

Carole S.

Everything arrived in a short time and nothing was broken. Very well packaged.

Thaddaeus D.

I gotta tell you, it’s the reliability… it’s the whole system. We’ve been running this for pushing 2 years now with the different mantles and whatnot, and I can’t think of a single problem other than an easily fixed blown fuse.

Russell L.

“Great service, very knowledgeable great equipment.”

Leigh B.

“1st time posting a review of any kind and would like to say that my experience working with Lab Society has been 1st class from my sales rep Jesse, who has always answered my dumb questions (being i’m new to the industry) or any questions i have had 6 months past my purchase. Makes me feel like i have a partner in this new and exciting field. You cannot go wrong with any purchase from these guys.

Dean M.

“Lab society is great to work with. They have great customer service and offer some of the best equipment for the industry.”

Charles L.

“From the first phone call to the weekend of training to the numerous followup questions of “what am I doing wrong?“, Tommy, MJ and Adam have been patient, knowledgeable and encouraging in helping our company move out of our kitchen and into a fully-functioning lab producing the highest quality extracts. Compared to all of the other companies we considered using, the team at Lab Society was by far the most engaged and invested in wanting to help us achieve our goals, not theirs. I highly recommend Lab Society for all of your extraction and processing equipment needs.

Walt F.

“Lab Society has always been my go-to for any time of laboratory glassware. Simply put, their equipment WORKS, and it always works the first time. I’ve probably purchased 4 different distillation heads from them over the years, and each one is as reliable as the next. HIGHLY recommended!

Matthew D.

“Website is great and customer service is amazing! Whatever the need they always get it to you and fast!”

Paul R.

“Lab Society crushing it yet again. Definitely the most versatile equipment and expansive lab supply provider that respects the industry/not a 100 year old staunchy biotechnology firm. 💪💪💪”


“Placing an order was quick & easy, the price was reasonable and delivery was fast.”

Aidan J.

“Excellent selection of laboratory equipment and knowledgeable and accommodating staff.”

Chris B.

“Best lab supply website by far!”

Jaime M

“Lab Society has the best glass I’ve ever seen… I’ve used a lot of glass and this is on the level. This is what you need if you are serious about extraction! Shipping was super fast and the support I’ve yet to find elsewhere… Trust me I’ve run glass from China and I’ve run Lab Society – there is no comparison. The flow rate the vacuum depth is all so far above and beyond what I expected! I’ve since gotten 3 more items to match my glass – these guys have it all and it’s top notch stuff! Just what I needed!!!!! Thanks Lab Society!! Life long customer gained here.

Michael G.

“Love Lab Society! High quality glassware and equipment! Customer service is always friendly and readily available to answer questions. Quick shipping from CO to IL too!


I attended the fractional distillation and isolation courses at Lab Society, and it was a very good learning experience. All the questions I had were answered with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. I recommend Lab Society to anyone wanting to learn more about lab safety, distillation, extractions, isolations and anything else lab related. Thanks for offering such a great service, and I look forward to doing more business with you guys again in the future.
Thanks a lot!


I have been looking to get into the business for the last year. These guys are hands-down, by far, the most knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with staff that I have come across in all my research. I currently have a small unit for home use as well as a commercial unit for my newly formed extraction company. These guys will give you everything you need to create the best product on the shelf if that’s what you desire or produce a premium quality product for personal use. I wish these guys were at my first and only stop in my research and equipment needs… I would have saved months or research and unnecessary expenses!!! The equipment support is also second to none…”

Anthony Z.

“Best product on the market, simple as that. All the issues we were having with our last set up went away when we got our lab society, and my life was made so much easier. You don’t know what joy is until you have experienced consistent full vacuum.

Nick R.

I had been directed to the folks at Lab Society by a colleague regarding their courses and equipment. My schedule had been such that it was difficult to take the course as soon as I had wanted. Despite this, they have been extremely helpful with advice, equipment recommendations, quotes and working with me to find times that fit my busy schedule. I am extremely happy with their help, equipment, expertise and customer support. But, don’t take my word for it, contact them and see for yourself just what an asset they can be for you and your company, whether you are just getting started or you are already up and running.

Don V.

“Upgraded my 5L system with the PDH-2, the condenser, cow and the digital head TC. Rates have easily doubled and in a few instances exceed this. This includes using the insert, so I believe I would be at a triple rate otherwise. The output flows much better than a conventional head without clogging in the cow output connectors. Overall it was a substantial, drop-in improvement. Finally, I got very helpful support and guidance from the LS team.”

Steve S.

It is very rare that you find an OEM in the industry that has as many hours or more on their equipment as their customers. The guys at LS not only sell quality equipment, but provide exceptional support in using said equipment. They are our go-to resource for lab scale distillation resources and will continue to be for years to come.

Kyle R.

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