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Whether you are processing THC cannabis material or hemp material with high CBD content, this is the most important step in the processing chain.


Cannabis / Hemp Winterization

Winterization is an important step in the purification of oils-including cannabis extracts-that allows for the removal of inactive compounds like fats, waxes, and lipids.


Cannabis / Hemp Filtration & Remediation

Filtration often goes hand-in-hand with winterization. The fats, waxes, and lipids that precipitate during the winterization step are removed via filtration systems.

Solvent Recovery

Cannabis / Hemp Solvent Recovery

Solvents are used in initial extraction, winterization, isolation, and other key steps in the processing chain. This solvent must be separated from the cannabis oil prior to consumption.


Cannabis / Hemp Degas / Decarb

Degassing removes trace amounts of solvents and volatile compounds from the cannabis oil prior to distillation, or before cannabis oil is sent to market.


Cannabis / Hemp Distillation

To create distillate, cannabis crude oil is distilled at very high temperatures. The cannabis oil evaporates and becomes purified in its vapor state.


Cannabis / Hemp Isolation

When a cannabinoid is isolated, it is in its purest form. Isolation is often associated with the cannabinoid CBD and other minor cannabinoids.


THC Remediation

Pesticides, heavy metals and color contaminants can all be remediated from cannabis oil to make it safe for consumption. THC can also be remediated from CBD oil to make it legal for consumption.


Cannabis/Hemp Formulation

Some consumer end products take the form of beverages, pills, or ingestible powders. To create these, cannabinoids must go through a process to make them water-soluble.



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G3 Short Path Distillation

All G3/G3X/G3X-R Short Path kits are American-made from only the highest quality, lab-grade glass and materials. Certified and peer-reviewed to NRTL standards. Exclusively sold at Lab Society.

Thin Film Distillation System - Single Stage, 0.2m2

Thin Film Distillation

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“We have been cranking out golden distillate thanks in large part to our 20L short path distillation system from Lab Society. Our team has been using this machine consistently for two years and it still runs like a dream! Take care of it and it will take care of you! Thank you again Lab Society!” […]

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“I have been performing short path distillation for the last 5 years. When I first started, I had a 5 Liter short path from [a competitor]. It was ok, but primitive for the processing I needed to do. I constantly had problems with vacuum leaks due to hoses. One day, I was so annoyed with […]

High Elevation Laboratories LLC

“Our 20L short path distillation kit from Lab Society helps us to process large runs of crude, resulting in top quality distillate. We love this machine, thank you Lab Society!” High Elevation Labs LLC

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