Rodaviss Joint – Installation Guide

Rodaviss Joint – Installation Guide

Is your Rodaviss joint stuck?  

Have you struggled, time-and-time again with breaking your joint? Are you unsure about how to safely attach/detach your glass connections?

Struggle no more with our comprehensive guide on how to install and take apart this joint!

Rodaviss Joint Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Take the small black plastic ring and glassware in hand, as shown.

    Rodaviss Stopper Installation Guide

  2. Now push the black plastic ring above the circular glass protrusion or Maria. The ‘Maria’ is the circular ridge on the glass, shown in the photo.

    02 - Sealing the joints

  3. Take the red cap and slide the glass joint through the center of the cap.

    03 - Put on the cap

  4. Slide the red cap above the circular glass protrusion to create enough space for the next step.

    04 - Seat the Rodaviss cap

  5. Next, take the Viton O-Ring and begin to roll it over the glass joint and under the red cap.

    05 - Viton O-Ring

  6. Make sure the Viton O-Ring seats just above the ground glass joint.

    06 - Properly seat the Viton O-Ring

  7. Now apply grease to the joint. Reference our guide on vacuum grease application for how to properly grease your joints if you have any questions.

    07 - Rodaviss Stopper Guide

  8. Once the O-Ring is in place, the cap can be screwed onto the female Rodaviss joint via the threads on the joint and cap.

  9. Push the small black plastic ring down and fit it directly above the red cap but below the circular glass protrusion.

  10. Now you can easily disconnect the pieces. Start to unscrew the joint, which will allow the red cap to put pressure on the black ring above. Once the black ring has enough upward pressure, pushing on the circular glass protrusion, the pieces will disjoin in a smooth and easy fashion.

Rodaviss Joint FAQ

My glassware is stuck to another piece of glassware. How can I separate the two?

Glassware getting stuck together can cause various issues, including glass breakage. To remove one piece of glass from another, care should be taken! A heat gun is the first suggestion for getting two pieces unstuck. Turn on the heat gun and heat the outer joint for 10-15 second increments. This heat should allow the outer joint to expand while the inner joint stays the same size. If done correctly, you should be able to pull the two pieces apart. If the problem persists, a blowtorch may be used. Heat the outer joint for around 5 seconds, and then try to separate the glassware. People performing these methods must take extra precaution not to burn themselves from the torch or by touching the hot glass after it’s heated!

Glassware shown above:

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