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High Capacity Welch ILMVAC Pump

This high-capacity, diaphragm Welch ILMVAC Pump truly is an outstanding vacuum pump. This model features PTFE contact surfaces, a deep vacuum, and a high flow rate. This pump is capable of up to 174 LPM on the bigger models, and 97 on the smallest model.

A real laboratory workhorse.

The four-head and eight-head versions run off a .53 hp, 390 watt, 115V/60 HZ motor. This vacuum pump can be used in various laboratory and industry applications that require a high-capacity, no-nonsense vacuum pump.

A “dry” Welch ILMVAC pump.

These pumps are “dry”, meaning that they do not use any oil in operation. The elimination of oil in the operation of this vacuum pump is, of course, environmentally beneficial as it reduces the overall hydrocarbon footprint of the device.

Advantages of a diaphragm design.

Diaphragm vacuum pumps use a series valves in a pulsing, open-and-closing motion to move air, allowing this pump to be run completely without oil. The valves in the system are typically made of polytetrafluoroethylene (or PTFE), which helps guard against corrosion.

No oil means fewer maintenance costs.

These vacuums may usually have a higher upfront cost, but don’t be fooled – they can save you precious time and money on maintenance down the road. The main application for these pumps is for low-to-medium vacuum levels.

Of course, some diaphragm pumps have been designed for medium-to-high vacuum applications as well.

Backed by Lab Society’s world-class support.

Please call if you are having trouble selecting the correct pump, or if you need clarification on which model would be right for you and your lab. At Lab Society, we also offer a variety of consulting services, and we can also set up your lab for you if you’d like an expert to take care of the dirty work! Just give our staff a call at the number at the top of your screen, and we’ll make sure that you get properly set up with everything you need.

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