Vacuum Trap, Dewar Style

Vacuum Trap, Dewar Style


In vacuum applications, a vacuum trap (or cold trap) condenses vapors into a liquid or solid – except for the permanent gasses.

Placed before your vacuum pump, cold traps can prevent harmful contaminants from reaching and damaging your vacuum pump, greatly extending its lifespan.


High-Efficiency, Angled 29/42 Outer Inlet, 45/50R Inner Lower, 34/45 Outer Outlet High-Efficiency, Upper 34/45 Inner Inlet, 24/40 Inner Lower, 34/45 Outer Outlet (Secondary to LS-DCT-HE) T8
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Vacuum TrapOur Cold Traps (Vacuum Traps) feature a Dewar-style cold finger condenser and have a large opening at the top.

They’re perfect for use with dry ice, acetone or liquid nitrogen.  

The large surface area of the cold trap kit (for better cooling) was designed for high-volume solvent removal and for retaining collected volatiles.

We offer two versions of our vacuum trap:  T8 (GL-18 caps and barbs) and the 2HE (high-efficiency version).


The High-Efficiency Dewar Style Vacuum Trap from Lab Society provides superior vapor condensation compared to traditional vacuum traps. 

Utilizing an inverted vapor path, this High-Efficiency Cold Trap forces vapor to move downward first, before it can move upward towards the trap’s outlet. This causes the vapor to flow over the trap for a longer amount of time, without actually increasing the size of the condenser.

The increase in vapor residence time means higher condensation efficiency and fewer contaminants downstream, extending the life of your vacuum pump while also keeping your workspace free of harmful vapors. 

The trap can be cooled using dry ice or an immersion-style probe such as the Polyscience IP-100. Condensation efficiency can be further increased by adding a second trap after the first.

Vacuum Trap Specifications & Features:

  • 34/45 Male Joint Inlet 
  • 34/45 Female Joint Outlet
  • 24/40 Receiving Flask Joint
  • Inner Trap Diameter: 3.2” 
  • Inner Trap Depth: 11”
  • Inverted Vapor Path – for maximum vapor residence time
  • USA Made

Note: You will need a vacuum pump to run this vacuum trap!

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Vacuum Trap, Dewar Style
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