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Vacuubrand Vacuum Pump - VB-PC-3012

Vacuubrand VARIO® Vacuum Pumps


Vacuubrand vacuum pumps with VARIO® control are the most advanced chemistry diaphragm pump on the market.

VARIO® pumping units precisely control and continuously adapt the pumping speed to the system demand. These pumps automatically sense the vapor pressure and adapt the vacuum level to the process, without user input.

The VARIO® Vacuum Pumps come with a 3-Year Warranty



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VARIO® control is nearly instantaneous and precisely adjusts flow rate to changing vacuum conditions within your process.

This results in higher evaporation rates and shorter processing times and a reduced need for maintenance.

The unique control slowly approaches boiling points to prevent foaming of samples and promote optimum solvent recovery.

We carry a variety of Vacuubrand VARIO® pumps with different ultimate vacuum ratings and flow rates. For questions about which Vacuubrand VARIO® pump would be best for your application, please contact us!

The VARIO® Vacuum Pumps come with a 3-Year Warranty

VARIO® Performance Features:

  • Automatic performance optimization of the vacuum level throughout the pumping process
  • Short process times due to zero-fluctuation (hysteresis-free) vacuum control
  • Whisper-quiet operation with low vibration
  • Excellent environmental friendliness due to low power consumption and efficient recovery of solvents
Vacuubrand Vacuum Pump - VB-PC-3012
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