Huber Unistat 825 Circulator

Huber Unistat 825 Circulator w/ Pilot ONE – PROMO

$63,908.00 - $70,148.00 $54,321.80 - $59,625.80

Huber’s Unistat 825 Circulator guarantees consistent and precise temperature control with minimal heating and cooling times.


$63,908.00 - $70,148.00 $54,321.80 - $59,625.80

208V, 3~ 460V, 3~
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Features at a glance:

  • All Huber Unistat Chillers have a Pilot One Controller with a 5.7″ touchscreen color display – The touchscreen displays real-time graphs and parameters.
  • Built with the latest pump technology – to ensure optimal heat transfer
  • The pumps can self regulate – to ensure the best flow rate and circulation of the fluid into glassware
  • A hydraulically sealed reservoir extends the fluid lifetime – Less reduction loss (vapors or oxidation) and not having to change the oil will save you money over time.
  • Two voltages available – 208V and 460 V

3-year manufacturer’s warranty:

Register this unit on to activate your included 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Features unique to model 825:

You can confidently and safely walk away from this chiller/circulator, thanks to its extensive safety features.

Model 825’s operating conditions are constantly monitored, and the system is switched off if necessary. Another helpful safety feature is the unit’s emergency cooling circuit.

Issues with the unit after purchase?

Contact Huber directly – in many cases they even provide on-site support and troubleshooting, to make sure everything functions as it should. Contact them for more information and to see if they can help you!