Single Stage Thin Film System from IPS
Wiped Film Evaporator
Thin Film Distillation System - Single Stage, 0.2m2
Thin Film Distillation System
Single Stage Thin Film System from IPS

Thin Film Distillation System – Single Stage, 0.2m2

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We’ve partnered with InCon Process Systems (IPS) to bring you a new, single-stage short path thin film distillation system (0.2m2).

This is the most comprehensive, USA-made, stainless steel single-stage continuous distillation system on the market today.

2-Stage Thin Film Distillation System

(Stainless Steel, Single Stage, 0.2m2)

InCon Process Systems - Wiped Film Evaporators
This industry-leading short path thin film distillation system (made in partnership with InCon Process Systems) is the most comprehensive, USA-made, stainless steel single-stage continuous distillation system on the market today.

As the industry expands, many labs are faced with the challenges of scaling to meet the demands of industrial production. Our stainless steel thin film distillation system is the perfect solution.

About InCon Process Systems:

InCon Process Systems (IPS) has over 25 years of High Vacuum Distillation technology experience, InCon Process Systems has designed, built, and operated the world’s largest distillation plants for hundreds of different compounds. InCon’s experience and knowledge ranging from highly specialized fractional distillation plants and lab-scale precision systems to 50m2 industrial-scale distillation plants has set them apart within the Short Path and Thin Film distillation markets. InCon’s partnership has allowed for true industrial manufacturing experience to be scaled down into our industry, focusing on automation, reliability, and the capability of 24/7 manufacturing.

Thin Film Distillation is the best method for distilling and purifying thermally sensitive compounds, due to the short residence time of product exposed to heat. This, coupled with an internal condenser, provides exceptional efficiency and speed.

Short Path Distillation was designed to minimize the length that vapor needs to travel from where it is generated to where it is condensed. The thin film system achieves this by utilizing a high-efficiency evaporator at the center of the wiper basket, providing the shortest distance for the molecules to travel.

The PTFE wiper blades of the system’s wiper basket spread a smooth and even thin film across the inner surface area of the single-stage, providing excellent heat transfer, evaporation, and condensation rates.


  • Precise Control This product includes a precision flow meter and a jacketed feed tank. The feed tank material is precisely fed into the unit by a VFD-controlled gear pump, allowing for flow rates of up to 20 liters per hour. A second VFD-controlled gear pump also precisely pumps distillate and residue fractions from the evaporator continuously.
  • High Vacuum SystemsThe comprehensive vacuum system includes two configurations, a high vacuum rotary vane-focused configuration for high boiling point compounds and an oil-less high capacity/high vacuum pump for low-to-medium-boiling-point compounds.
  • Low Vacuum Systems In order to address variable feed rates into the system, a high vacuum/high capacity oil-less vacuum pump is coupled with a compound system pressure gauge, which in turn controls a vacuum valve, which gives users the ability to run the system at variable pressures and vacuum depths. When performing low-boiling point distillation (aggressive or gentle volatile stripping), the oil-less vacuum pump may be used to run at higher pressure with the vacuum controller.
  • Two-points of Vacuum MeasurementGives real-time analytics so users can compare system pressures to pump pressures.
  • .02M² For exceptional evaporation surface area
  • 5-20 Liters Per HourWith gear pump-driven, fully jacketed feed & discharge piping.

System Features

  • 0.2m² Evaporator
  • 5-20 kg/hour input feed capability (variable based on feedstock)
  • Cold Trap
  • Common Skid Frame
  • Compound Pressure Gauge
  • Jacketed Feed Tank – 8-Gallon
  • Manual Valves
  • Mounted VFD’s – for precise control
  • Pressure Indicators – for vacuum
  • Process Pumping System
  • Sight Glass

Utilities & Ancillaries

  • All Chilling/Heating Fluids
  • All Vacuum Clamps, Hoses, and Valves
  • Dual-Point Vacuum Monitoring System with Valve Control
  • EliteLab Touchscreen Control Interface
  • Heated Circulator
  • High Capacity/High Vacuum Diaphragm Pump
  • Rotary Vane Pump + Oil Mist Filter
  • Tempered Water Unit
  • Vacuum Pre-Filter for Dry Pump

Cold Trap Options

  • Chiller: -30°C to -50°C (included)
  • Chiller: -60°C to -80°C for an additional $15,000 (recommended)


  • Required: Install and Training, 2-Day Utilities Install & Mechanical Check, and Intensive Training. Additional days billed at $3,000 per day.

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