HVE Single Stage Thin Film Evaporator
Thin Film Distillation System - Single Stage, 0.25m2
Thin Film Distillation System - Single Stage, 0.25m2
Thin Film Distillation System
HVE Single Stage Thin Film Evaporator

Thin Film Distillation System – Single Stage, 0.25m2

SKU: LS-TFD-1SE-0.25

$85,000.00 $80,750.00


Lab Society has partnered with High-Velocity Extractors (HVE) to bring you a 0.25m2 Single Stage, Thin Film Distillation Unit. Our new system addresses growing industry production demands while keeping budgetary constraints in mind. 

With Stainless Steel Thin Film Distillation technology,
this 0.25m
2 short path distillation evaporator outperforms every other unit in its price class. 

(Stainless Steel, Single Stage, 0.25m2)

Single Stage Thin Film Distillation System


  • Approx. 6 kg/hour Input Feed Capability for Volatile Stripping
  • Approx. 2-4 kg/hour Input Feed Capability – for cutting and polishing the main body
  • 0.25 m2 Short Path Evaporator (1)
  • Virgin PTFE Wiper Blades with 316 SS Wiper Cage
  • Removable Hybrid Still Cold Finger
  • Manual Inlet Feed Tank with Heater/PID
  • Electric Heat Bands (4) with PID Control Box
  • Precision Vacuum Gauge
  • Baffled Cold Trap with Receiver (Dry Ice/Liquid Nitrogen)
  • Manual Valves
  • 80/20 Common Frame with Wheels
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction

The most effective and affordable in their class, these systems feature a virgin PTFE wiper basket inside of a six-inch 316 Stainless Steel evaporator body.  

Heat is provided via four (4) electronic heat bands which are precisely controlled by a single, commonly mounted PID for full temperature control without the use of expensive, dangerous heating oils.  

Jacketed feed tank.

Feed is provided by a jacketed feed tank, which is also heated electronically and controlled by a separate temperature controller for precise input feed temperature.  

Strips volatiles at 6kg per hour.

The unit can perform volatile stripping at a rate of 6 kilograms (kg) per hour utilizing the included “cone-bottom” condenser replacement.

For high boiling point, short path distillation, the unit features a high-surface-area, removable inner condensation coil that can perform at 2-4 kg per hour feed rates.

EliteLab and Bluetooth compatible.

Thin Film Distillation System
Precise vacuum monitoring and analytics are provided by the LS-PVM-1BT, a Bluetooth-capable (and EliteLab® compatible) vacuum gauge mounted to the rear of the high surface area, baffled Auxiliary Condenser/Cold trap, which is also constructed of Stainless Steel.

System Specifications:


  • 6400 Watts @ 240V (30 amps max)Evaporator Heater                     
  • 600 Watts @ 120V (5 amps max)Feed Tank Heater
  • 180 Watts @ 120V (1.5 amps max)Main Motor

Additional Wattage for Vacuum Pump & Chiller/Heater not Included Here

Footprint of Common Frame:

  • Depth: 27 Inches (685.8mm)
  • Width: 45 Inches (1143mm) + 12 Inches Per Shelf (2 Included)
  • Height: 84 Inches (2133.6mm)

Additional Footprint for Shelves, Pumps, Chillers/Heaters not Included Here

System Requirements:

High Vacuum Pump:

  • 10-30 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)
  • Minimum 30 mTorr/micron Ultimate Vacuum Rating
    • Ex. CRVpro16, CRVpro24, or our recommendation: CRVpro30 with Exhaust Filter or the Lab Society RV36

Chiller/Heater for Inner Coil Condenser:

  • Minimum 0-75° Celsius temperature range
    • Higher Max. Temp, between 100°C to 200°C, for Hot Condenser Applications
  • Minimum 500 Watts for Cooling at 20°C
    • 1000 watts @ 20°C for Improved Performance

Cold Trap Requirements:

  • Manual Chilling: Dry Ice + Isopropanol/Acetone for Chilling, Liquid Nitrogen (LN2)
  • Mechanical Chilling: Polyscience IP-80 with 1.75” Rigid Coil
    • Optional Additional Cold Trap: T80 with KF25 Stainless Steel Insert

Training Options Available Upon Request:

  • 1-Day Lab Society Thin Film Distillation Install & Training* – $3000
  • 2-Day Lab Society Thin Film Distillation Install & Training* – $6000

*Note: All System requirements must be present on-site prior to arrival, including electrical connection, vacuum pump, chiller/heater, & cold trap coolant.