Joint Size 24/40 Closed Bottom - Thermowell Length Fitment for LS-DH-20HE, LS-PDH-2, and LS-PDH-2S 34/45 Closed Bottom - Thermowell Length Fitment for LS-DH-30HE, LS-DH-40HE, LS-PDH-3V, and LS-PDH-3M
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Thermowell Thermocouple Adapter

– by Lab Society

Thermowell Thermocouple Adapter

Designed for use in our distillation heads, our new thermocouple adapters incorporate thermowells right into the design. A thermowell is a tube-shaped fitting that can protect sensors and probes, by providing adequate thermal insulation.

The thermowells we’ve added to our newest thermocouple adapters will shield your thermocouple, preventing it from exposure to chemical vapors and other undesirables. In short, you can greatly extend the life of your probes!


  • optimal thermocouple placement – Get perfect thermocouple placement every time, by using our distillation heads together with these thermowell adapters.
  • #4 Chem-Thread – For quick and easy insertion/removal of your thermocouple probe into the well.
  • Viton O-ring – Keeps the cap and seal of your thermocouples air-tight.
  • increased surface area – The addition of the thermowell to the thermocouple will create more surface area for expanding vapors to cool and condense on.
  • American-made borosilicate glass – This glass can be subjected to repeated thermal stress with a greatly reduced chance of breakage.
  • comes in two sizes –  We carry both a 24/40 jointed thermowell and a 34/45 jointed thermowell.


Adding a thermowell will give you a ±3 degree temperature variation when moving through temperature ranges.

These thermowells will not work with large round bottom flasks.

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