T-SEP Model 7LPH Separation Process
T-SEP Model 7LPH Separation Process
T-SEP Model 7LPH Separation Process
T-SEP Model 7LPH Separation Process

T-SEP Model 7LPH THC/TCH-A Separation Process


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T-SEP, from Precision Extraction, is a patent-pending and proprietary process system for the removal of THC/THC-A from hemp crude oil.

This revolutionary system is efficient, scalable, and extremely cost-effective.

The consumable expense per liter is extremely low compared to similar systems, and it also mitigates the exorbitant cost associated with flash chromatography medias.

The T-SEP Model 7LPH configuration includes 3x 100L vessels with all necessary appendages and is capable of producing 7 liters of THC/THC-A remediated crude oil per hour.

Process Features:

  • 99+% removal of THC/THC-A cannabinoids from hemp crude oil.
  • 99+% solvent recovery rate from the process
  • Extremely low operational costs (approx. $3.50 per liter)
  • GRAS, instrument grade solvents
  • Installation, equipment, license, and support included in price
  • Non-hazardous waste streams
  • No-cross contamination of THC/THC-A into output streams
  • Semi-continuous process
  • Up to 7L per hour of crude oil remediation in standard configuration

Equipment Included:

  • 3x 100L Reactors (ACE Glass) with mixer and temperature monitor
  • 3x Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pump
  • Huber CC308B (Holds jacket @ 25°C)
  • 3x Tubes
  • 3x Sanitary 3-way ball valves
  • 3x Glass holding vessels

Additional Specifications

System Specifications

Dimensions (approx.): 120” L x 32” W x 49” H
Weight (approx.): 1450 lbs.
Throughput: 7L of crude per hour
Interior Finish Spec: Glass
Vessel Sizes: 3x 100L
Linesets: UG-21 Compliant PTFE
Minimum Operational Temperature: -40°C
Maximum Working Volume: 9.8 FT3 (284 Liters)
Install & Training: Up to 3 Days
Total Electrical: 230V, 17.3 Amps, 756W (3.3 amps + 14 amps from Huber)
Pumps (3x): 230V, 40W, 1 Phase 110-115V, 20W, 1 Phase
Reactors (3x): 110V 60Hz, 1 Phase, 250W 230V 50/60Hz, 1 Phase, 250W
CC-308B (TCU): 230V 50/60Hz, 1 Phase, 14 amps
T-SEP Model 7LPH Separation Process
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