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SolventVap Rotary Evaporator

– Across International

These powerful rotary evaporators from Across International can be used to gently remove solvents from samples using rotating glassware in a bath. We carry several different sizes to suit the needs of laboratories both large and small.


  • Modular heating bath
  • Vertical glassware
  • Digital temperature and rotation controller
  • Optimized bath volume

Diligently sourced.

We created a curated selection of diligently-sourced products, because we know that both commercial and hobbyist labs rely on these devices day in and day out.

Compatible with LS replacement glassware.

Be sure to browse extensive collection of scientific glassware as well, in case you are in need of new or replacement parts. Our original glass is fully compatible with the SolventVap system.

You can also precisely control the amount of vacuum in your SolventVap rotary evaporator, by using our pressure control monitor

Backed by our technical support.

If you are unsure with what volumetric capacity to choose, please feel free to give us a call! We’ll guide you to the right rotary evaporation system for your needs.

About rotary evaporators:

SolventVaps are highly effective — the only question is, is a rotary evaporator right for your lab?

These machines are used in producing organic distillates, serving a wide range of industries. Rotary Evaporators were invented in 1957 and the term gets its name from the rotating motion of the flask. The motion is combined with a vacuum system and a condenser to facilitate the evaporation and recovery process process.

The combined effect lowers the boiling point of the component liquids in the system, greatly aiding in the process. The centrifugal effect of the rotary movement creates friction, resulting in a thin layer of solvent being spread over the surface.

This helps isolate various products from samples, and is a preferred method of chemical extraction. As with all chemical equipment, make sure that the user takes proper safety precautions. Handle the equipment with care, and follow all instructions, guidelines, and local laws. Feel free to browse our FAQ to learn more about safety and our equipment warranty.

Note: Rotary evaporators require the use of a chiller and a vacuum pump.

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