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The Rocketbook Everlast, LS Edition

– Lab Society

While pen and paper may be the “tried-and-true” solution, there are certain practical drawbacks to going 100% old-school…

Finally, a modern lab book designed just for your lab.

It may look like just another notebook on the outside, but you’ll soon discover many surprising advantages to the Rocketbook.

The Rocketbook was built for the digital age, while not sacrificing any of the qualities or feel a regular notebook should have.

Designed to be used with the Rocketbook app.

Ever wished you could have a digital copy of your notebook and organize it quickly? Now you can simply download the Rocketbook app on your cell phone.

Digitize your handwriting.

Once you download the app, you can mark one of the icons at the bottom of each notebook page, based on how each page should be organized. Once the page is full (and has been categorized via one of the icons on the bottom of each page), a picture of the content can now be taken via the rocket book phone application.

Scan and send your notes in a flash.

You can scan and send notes to your favorite cloud service, or email your work in seconds! Stay fluid, spontaneous, and organized wherever you are.

Designed for erasable ink.

We recommend the pen/ink made by Pilot for your Rocketbook, and a special ink called ‘Frixion’. This premium ink is erasable with friction alone.

This feature makes it easy to remove mistakes by simply turning the pen around and using its eraser. Almost instantly, the ink will be gone, and you can remedy your mistake without cluttering your notebook.

Erase entire pages, and reuse over and again.

What’s more impressive, whole pages can be erased by applying a wet paper towel.

Note: The LS Rocketbook comes in black and includes a pen and wipe for cleaning the pages.