Pinched Thermocouple Adapters

Thermocouple Adapter – Pinched


The new Pinched Thermocouple Adapter from Lab Society solves the problem of stuck thermocouple adapters in the top of your distillation head.



Joint Size
24/40 Pinched 34/45 Pinched 45/50 Pinched
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Pinched Thermocouple Adapters
Our Pinched Thermocouple Adapters expand on our original Thermocouple Adapter design by adding a pinched upper section for easier grip and removal.

They also include a fixed lower section to keep your thermocouples centered and properly supported. An added bonus is that they also reduce the drip-back caused by condensation.

Each Pinched Thermocouple Adapter also has a #4 Chem-Thread and Viton® O-ring to ensure a long lifespan and deep vacuum capability.

These thermocouple adapters are available in three different joint sizes and should be paired with a 1/8th-inch diameter thermocouple, which should be used in conjunction with a temperature monitor or temperature controller.

If you have any questions about which size or type of adapter will fit into your existing setup, please give us a call.

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