PAR-C Vacuum Controller - Dual Sensor
PAR-C Vacuum Controller - Dual Sensor (KF40)

PAR-C Vacuum Controller – Dual Sensor (KF40)



The newest addition to Lab Society’s Precision Vacuum Monitor series is a true, wide-range vacuum controller (and vacuum gauge).

The controller includes two (2) points of vacuum measurement, and one has the ability to control an automatic isolation valve.

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Vacuum Gauge

Precise Vacuum Control – “PARC” your system vacuum pressure.

The compound pressure sensor (single KF25 connection) readings are combined, utilizing proprietary software to create a single, blended, accurate reading that controls the automatic vacuum valve.

Having a compound pressure sensor that has measurement accuracy in the full 0.02 to 775 Torr range allows users to precisely control vacuum pressure within a system throughout the range of high-vacuum to atmospheric pressure.

Now you have the ability to set the vacuum control range via the LED/button interface to set the Upper Pressure Limit and Lower Pressure Limit.

The ideal placement for this compound probe is wherever pressure control is desired on a system – or closest to the action.  The secondary thermocouple pressure sensor can be placed at the vacuum source (past cold trap at the pump) to determine ultimate vacuum pressure simultaneously while controlling/monitoring system pressure.


  • Compound pressure sensor for wide-range vacuum control
  • Multiple units of vacuum measure
  • Data logging via USB & EliteLab integration
  • Digital vacuum gauge with visual display
  • Portable
  • Numerical output via LED screen, graphical via EliteLab software (requires a computer)
  • Rod-mount support  
  • Easy and quick troubleshooting
  • Rugged thermocouple probes for measurement
  • Self-powered automatic vacuum valve
  • Wide isolation valve orifice – to reduce bottlenecking of pressure before the valve


Benchtop Short Path Distillation

  • Wide-range of accurate pressure control for various stages of the distillation process
  • Pressure control for gently removing volatiles in the early stages of distillation
  • Specific pressure control for more precise, repeatable distillations
  • Reduce load on cold traps and vacuum pump due to high vacuum depth during volatile/solvent presence in the distillation process
  • Operate systems in low-to-medium-to-high vacuum ranges

Thin Film Distillation

  • Wide range of accurate pressure control for various stages of the distillation process
  • Perform decarboxylation/devolatilization processes strategically in low-to-medium vacuum ranges (to prevent trap/pump overloading)
  • Gently remove volatiles and/or terpenes from feedstock by raising system pressure
  • Control feed rates by reducing pressure spikes and having static system pressure for consistent distillation
  • Dual-purpose single-stage Thin Film Distillation units into decarboxylation/devolatilization units as well as high-vacuum distillation units
  • Operate systems in low to medium to high vacuum ranges

The following sensors are included in the system:

  • Compound pressure sensor consisting of two (2) sensor probes, connected via a single KF25 flange connection, that monitor vacuum pressure accurately in two (2) ranges:
    • 0.02 to 2 Torr 
    • 2 to 775 Torr
  • Thermocouple pressure sensor for accuracy in the 0.001 to 2 Torr and 6 to 800 Torr pressure ranges

PAR-C Specifications:

  • Power: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz, 100 Watts
  • Compound Sensor Interface:
    • 531 Sensor & 775i Sensor mounted to single KF25 adapter
    • AcRange: 20 mTorr to 775 Torr
  • Thermocouple Sensor Interface:
    • 531 Sensor with single KF25 connection
    • Range: 1 mTorr – 760 Torr
  • Isolation Valve Orifice: 0.5 inches
  • Mount: Side-mounted rod support
  • Indicator Lights
  • Telemetry Options: USB

Note: For the LS-PAR-C, each sensor is labeled and calibrated to a particular probe input (slot) on the vacuum gauge display unit.

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