C1D1 Labs Outdoor Extraction Pod

C1D1 Labs Outdoor Extraction Pod

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C1D1 Labs now offers custom, modular outdoor extraction booths that are completely weatherproof.


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8x20x8 8x20x8 (Twin) 8x40x8 8x40x8 (Twin)
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This modular solution offers a unique opportunity to create a completely custom extraction room that is not limited by height, allowing for larger equipment if needed.

The Outdoor Extraction Pod can also be attached to existing buildings for expansion. The modular panels can also create compliant hallways that help meet GMP requirements for products.

Each modular Outdoor Extraction Booth includes explosion-proof lighting, sensors, siren/horn alarm system, explosion-proof fans, emergency stop, airflow sensors, specially designed plenums, and a digital weatherproof control panel which controls the required interlocks.

They also come stock with a 1-hour fire rating which can be increased if needed.