-80°C Mechanical Cold Trap Kit (T80)

Mechanical Cold Trap Kit (-80°C)


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Our Mechanical Cold Trap Kit is highly effective and designed to provide maximum trapping efficiency.

This 3-piece kit combines our Stainless Steel Mechanical Cold Trap Insert and the -80°C Mechanical Cold Trap (T80) from SH Scientific with our Silicone Insulating Ring.

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Mechanical Cold Trap Insert with KF Connections

Kit Includes:

By combining our Stainless Steel Mechanical Cold Trap Insert with the -80°C Mechanical Cold Trap (T80), we have created a cold trap that will effectively trap volatiles and other unwanted vapors before they enter your vacuum system. This will protect the vacuum system and increase its overall lifespan.

This Mechanical Cold Trap Kit can be added to any application where vacuum pumps are used. 

The Stainless Steel Mechanical Cold Trap Insert includes NW/KF25 inlet and outlet flange ports making it easy to connect to nearly any existing vacuum system. The lid uses a high-vacuum ISO flange for easy disassembly and cleaning. 

The inside of the Stainless Steel Insert includes six (6) stainless steel mesh plates that are stacked inside to provide a higher amount of surface area for trapping vapors as well as providing reflux retention for vapors that have already been trapped. The inlet from the process side has also been widened to 40mm to eliminate freezing or clogging.

The included Silicone Insulating Ring fits directly into the top portion of the reservoir of the T80 Mechanical Cold Trap and ensures maximum insulation to keep the trap and insert at its coldest possible temperature. 

-80°C Mechanical Cold Trap Features:

  • PID Controller
  • Cools up to -80C
  • Captures volatile vapors and condenses them into a liquid or solid
  • Protects your vacuum pump or system from damage
  • Uses R410A refrigerant
  • CE Certified
  • UL Listed

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