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Immersion Chiller

– PolyScience

An Immersion Chiller is a great addition to any lab – simply place the electric coil in the liquid you are trying to cool, and this product will pull the heat from the liquid, effectively cooling the bath.

This unit’s ability to have such a wide range of temperatures is really a game changer!

Your days of buying dry ice and/or liquid nitrogen are over!


  • Reduce expenses associated with single-use materials.
  • digital/automatable
  • small/compact physical size
  • stainless steel coil
  • compatible with an automated cold trap
  • two models: IP-60 and IP-80

The simple fix of having an immersion chiller eliminates the near-constant expense of repurchasing consumable materials that will quickly disappear while providing you with a simple and economical solution for cooling.

We recommend this product very highly!

This unit is small enough to fit into most laboratory spaces, making it a highly convenient way to cool your system.

An automation-friendly, electric immersion chiller.

One of the best features of this Polyscience Chiller, is that you can have an automated cold trap. This is in stark contrast to one that you have to monitor periodically.

Automating your system frees up valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on what’s really important when running your laboratory.

IP-60 or IP-80?

The IP-60 pump has one temperature setting, which is -60° C, with a 1.5″ rigid coil.

The IP-80, on the other hand, has a fixed temperature of -80° C, with a 1.75″ rigid coil probe.

What’s the best immersion chiller?

Picking the right chiller for certain applications can come with its fair share of troubles – You will need to know the desired temperatures of certain protocols and the amount of flow a piece of glass or system can handle.

There are a lot of variables to keep in mind when making a purchase like this. If you would like some assistance in finding out which immersion chiller is right for you, go ahead and give us a call.

Should I use a plate chiller?

Another common solution for cooling liquids is to use a plate chiller. We don’t recommend this for a few reasons. For one, with a plate, if you’re trying to reach temperatures below freezing, you’ll need to use a coolant, and you’ll end up needing something to actually cool that coolant (a separate chiller), raising your overall costs and complexity.

Not only that, but this product is much more automatable, making collecting data and creating repeatable, effective runs a breeze.

When it comes to simplicity and an “all-in-one” solution, these units are the answer.

Note: We strongly recommend using this product in conjunction with our cold trap kit or dewar condenser.

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