Hydrocarbon Extraction System

Hydrocarbon Extraction System

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These Hydrocarbon Extraction Systems from N.B.Oler are ASME certified and designed to maximize extraction efficiency.

Each system includes multiple configurations, giving you the ability to produce crude, live resin, and all types of oil in between.


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Hydrocarbon Extraction System Benefits:

  • Each hydrocarbon extraction system operates passively, without the need for a mechanical pumping system.
  • N.B.Oler systems utilize quality components and traceable materials, and all welding is done in-house using ASME welding processes.
  • Included: stainless sintered filter discs, LCO2 pressure-rated jackets, multiple sight glasses for easy operation, multiple material columns, as well as a recovery column, and a solvent tank.

What’s Included:

  • Jacketed material column with bowl reducer and top cap, 50 & 20 micron sintered filters, LCO2 rated jackets
  • Solvent tank with LCO2 rated jackets, top cap, ASME Certified & U-Stamped
  • Jacketed recovery column, jacketed bowl reducer, top cap, hot water jackets, sight glasses for easy operation, ASME Certified & U-Stamped
  • Molecular Sieve with top cap and fittings
  • Modular rack system
  • Vacuum pump 
  • Fully scalable, ASME certifiable, P.E. report included
  • Rack-mounted and fully integrated CRC column available add-on
  • N.B.Oler Hydrocarbon Extraction Systems are fabricated in the USA in Bend, Oregon

Note: Customer is responsible for LCO2 or chiller installation by a local gas supplier or contractor

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Hydrocarbon Extraction System from N.B.Oler
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