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High Capacity Bubbler

– GL-18 Connection

High Capacity Bubbler
Lab Society’s new High Capacity Bubbler allows you to stop water and oxygen from entering your system when back-filling it with an inert gas.*

Eliminating water and oxygen from your system (and keeping it removed) creates a higher-quality end product.


  • American-made, borosilicate glass,
  • stops water and oxygen from entering your system,
  • releases built-up pressure,
  • GL-18 caps.

Don’t let your system become over-pressurized.

Our high capacity bubbler releases built-up pressure well before any danger to the system or the user occurs.

We use a high-boiling-point oil and a cupped valve system to release pressure at atmosphere, preventing unwanted over-pressurization.

Gl-18 caps allow this piece to be easily added or removed from any system within seconds. Make sure that you use a barbed tee of some kind between the source gas and the bubbler, to ensure that it functions properly.

*When backfilling your system with an inert gas, pressure may build up. If components become over-pressurized, it can lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

Note: Dual-headed systems require the use of a 3-way valve.

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