Hei-VAP Precision ML - HBX Green Package

Hei-VAP Precision ML – HBX Green Package

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The 5L HBX Green Package is a benchtop rotary evaporator solution that is designed for efficient and reliable ethanol recovery. It can also be used with other solvents.

The HBX Package includes everything needed and is NRTL certified.

The HBX Green Package rotary evaporator is capable of recovering pure ethanol at a rate of approximately 3.5 L/hr.

The HBX Green Package includes the 5L Precision 5L Hei-Vap, the Hei-Chill 600 chiller, and the Valve Tec diaphragm vacuum pump.

The 5L rotary evaporator from Hei-Vap has a powerful, high-temperature heating bath that can reach a temperature of 210°C. It also utilizes a motor lift and auto accurate sensor for optimized solvent recovery.

The 5L rotary evaporator includes a 5-liter evaporating flask and a 3L receiving flask as well as a coiled condenser (with a surface area of 2,200 cm2) for maximum condensation surface area.

The Valve Tech vacuum pump is oil-free and has 2 stages for deep vacuum capabilities as well as a solenoid valve to control vacuum levels and maintain optimal set points.

A Hei-Chill 600 series chiller has 600 watts of cooling capacity and includes both tubing and chiller fluid.

This complete turnkey package is the perfect solution for a certified benchtop rotary evaporator system.