Heat Seal Bags

Heat Seal Bags

$0.21 - $2.50 $0.12 - $2.50

Heat Seal Bags are small plastic baggies that can be used for samples, organization or storage.

The tops of the bags can be closed using a heat press, creating an air-tight seal. Heat seal bags are the ideal choice for keeping sensitive materials fresh – for keeping air/oxygen out, and for sealing in moisture.


$0.21 - $2.50 $0.12 - $2.50

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Enhanced smell protection.

Heat seal bags have become indispensable for most laboratories.

An added bonus of food-grade plastic heat seal bags is that they also offer basic smell protection, keeping outside smells out and inside smells in.

The popularity of these handy little bags has soared over the past few years, thanks to their low price, extreme convenience, and a wide range of practical applications.

Once the bags are sealed, simply tear off the top portion of the bag at the groove to open the pouch.


They also feel a self-contained Ziploc style top, so they can be repeatedly used and re-used without needing to heat seal them again.

While the bags can be re-used for quite some time, the heat-seal aspect of them specifically is more or less “one-time-use-only”, making them a largely disposable product.

When in doubt, always get more than you think you need!