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A Fraction Finder is essential for getting the purest possible product in fractional distillation.

This Fraction Finder can increase your potency on each distillation pass, with its unique approach to real-time distillate monitoring.



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A Fraction Finder is essential for getting the purest possible product in fractional distillation.

Attach the included sensor to your condenser or glassware, and it will relay information about the contents of your fraction to the real-time display.

With its unique approach to real-time distillate monitoring, this fraction finder can increase your potency on each distillation pass.

Forget the old ways of relying on experience, guesswork, and eyesight alone – now you can accurately identify the contents flowing through a glass tube in real time.


  • See the process in real-time via the high-quality display
  • Enhanced fraction identification
  • Log your data and make smarter decisions
  • (Remote monitoring coming soon)

Determine purity with a spectrum of wavelengths.

A fraction finder uses a spectrum of wavelengths over time to determine the relative purity of oils flowing through a glass condenser.

This product was designed to help processors improve their oil quality through in-situ monitoring of the short path distillation process.

The included sensor attaches directly to your condenser.

The main components of the fraction finder are a sensor (attached to your glassware) and a high-quality display.

The sensor contains an optical light pulse (and a detector) and wraps snugly around your condenser column.

Mounted directly to the condenser, the sensor interprets the incoming signal and displays optical information that is correlated to the product present inside the condenser.

Make smarter decisions based on data.

By using the fraction finder in tandem with existing laboratory techniques, you’ll have a wealth of additional information on which to base decisions.

For example, the data will tell you when to change your collection flasks so that the different fractions are more optimally separated.

What types of fractions are there?

The main fractions are “heads”, “bodies”, and “tails”. Generally speaking, the object of short path distillation is to maximize the potency and purity of your product in the body fraction collection.

Furthermore, having this technique available paves the way for precision and repeatability of optimal techniques which will yield to a more consistent product over time.

Advantages of fraction finders:

  • Traceability
  • Repeatability
  • Reduced contamination/increased purity
  • Increased yield


  • The fraction finder comes in two sizes and depends on your condenser size.
  • Does not include clamps, poles or a condenser.

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