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The FP1, by Precision Extraction, is an industrial-scale filter press.

The FP1 is ideal for the post-winterization filtration of crude oil. Utilizing positive pressure, the FP1 can remove fine particles and small particulate from winterized crude solutions efficiently.

System Features:

  • 5 HP 20 CFM Air Compressor required for operation
  • Airblown manifold piping for air drying filter cakes
  • Easier to use, less labor-intensive, and higher throughput compared to candle or bag filters
  • Food grade wetted parts
  • For use in C1D1 facilities
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder for opening and closing the press
  • Ideal for post-winterization, pressure filtration of crude oil and fine particle filtering
  • Includes advanced spare parts kit
  • Manual hydraulic pump and cylinder
  • Recess, polypro-gasketed plates prevents leaking
  • Up to 3,600 liters of filtering per 8-hour shift

Additional Specifications

System Specifications

Model: FP1 Filter Press
Dimensions (approx.): 75” L x 32” W x 52” H
Weight: 1500 lbs
Capacity: 1 Cubic Foot
Expandable Capacity: +1 Cubic Foot (2 Cubic Foot Total)
Filter Area: 13.6 sq. ft.
Air Compressor: 5 HP 20 CFM
Hydraulic Pump: Manual Hand Pump Closure
Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 37°C
Max Feed Pressure: 100 PSI
Average Flow Rate (est.): 2 GPM
Air Blow Down Pressure: 15 PSI
Filter Plate Size: 470mm
Filter Cloth Material: Polypropylene
Frame Material: Carbon Steel
Manifold Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Sludge Chute: 8” x 8” Chute Opening
Gaskets: EPDM
Warranty**: One year
FP1 Filter Press
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