ExtractionTek Solutions Mini MEP™ (Front)
ExtractionTek Solutions Mini MEP™ (Back)
ExtractionTek Solutions Mini MEP™ (Front)

ExtractionTek Solutions Mini MEP™

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The Mini MEP™ (Modular Extraction Platform) from ExtractionTek Solutions offers the production throughput demanded by the industry today.

Based on the design of ETS’s other closed-loop, industry-leading extraction units, the Mini MEP™ comes with the same cutting-edge extraction technology as the bigger units but in a much smaller space.


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ExtractionTek Solutions Mini MEP™

The innovative modular design allows users to expand their units if business needs demand greater throughput, growing the extraction operation all the way up to the full-sized 30L MEP™.


  • Capacity: 10L with the ability to process up to 5lbs per run
  • Unit size: 9 Square feet (3′ x 3′)
  • Sub-Cool injection technology
  • Accepts propane, butane, and blended solvents
  • Peer reviewed by third party engineers and certified for operation in CO, CA, NV, OR, WA, PA, and MD
  • Certified for ASME SECTION VIII, IFC, NFPA 58, 3-A Sanitary Standard, C1D1, and UL21

System Includes:

  • Modular Platform – Stainless steel frame with locking casters
  • Rapid Recovery Collection Vessel with Dual High-Pressure View Ports
  • ETS Expansion Filter which vastly improves recovery time without risking the operating health of your Recovery Pump, offered exclusively by ETS
  • Sub-Cool Injection Coil System with an MTA TAEevo 220 volt, 5000-watt Recirculating Chiller Julabo Corio CD-BC4 Hot Water Recirculating System, offering precise Temperature Zone Control
  • Built-in HaskelTM 83354 Modified Two-Stage Recovery Pump with upgraded Precision Flow Regulator
  • Air Tool Port Accessory Kit with Pneumatic Cleaning Attachment 50 lbs Steel D.O.T. Operating Tank

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