C1D1 Labs Extraction Booth

C1D1 Labs Extraction Booth

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C1D1 Labs C1D1/C1D2 1-hour fire rated extraction booths easily integrate into your existing workspace or laboratory and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.


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10x10x9 10x15x9 10x20x12 10x20x9 11x26x10 15x26x14
1 Hour Fire Rated Standard
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Each extraction booth is extremely easy to place into new designs, while also increasing the potential production of a facility as well as increasing the value of the building.

By adding more control areas to the building, more solvents will be allowed within the building, increasing production capacity and throughput.

Best of all, the booths don’t require any additional enclosure outside of the walls. All of our fire-rated extraction booths are peer-reviewed and 1-hour fire rated.

Each booth allows save you space in the facility, maximize potential, and allow easy approval when submitting to your local municipality.

Extraction Booth Sizes available in both C1D1 & C1D2:

  • Interior Size – 10’Wx10’Lx9’H / Exterior Size – 10’3Wx10’3Lx9’8″H
  • Interior Size – 10’Wx20’Lx9’H / Exterior Size – 10’6Wx20’3Lx9’8″H
  • Interior Size – 10’Wx20’Lx12’5″H / Exterior Size – 10’6Wx20’3Lx12’5″”H
  • Interior Size – 10’9″Wx25’9″Lx10″H / Exterior Size – 11’5″Wx26’5Lx10’5″H
  • Interior Size – 15’Wx26’Lx14’H / Exterior Size – 16’Wx26’3″Lx14’8″”H