EVault Family
EVault Family
EVault Family

EVault Extraction Storage Container


The EVault Extraction Storage Container (316 SS) from FreshStor is the ideal storage container for plant material, liquids, or fine powders.

The EVault features secure latches and a 1/4″ food-grade silicone gasket seal to prevent exposure to oxygen and prevent leakage. The EVault is available in four sizes for effective storage for nearly any amount of product.



1L 2L 4L 6L
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The EVault is made from 316 stainless steel making it extremely durable and ideal for the storage of pharmaceutical-grade contents. It is also a cost-effective way to package products for distribution.


Volume: Diameter: Depth / Height:
1L / 1 Kilo 5.5” or 14 CM 3.1” or 7.7 CM
2L / 2 Kilo 7” or 18 CM 4” or 10 CM
4L / 4 Kilo 9” or 23 CM 5.5” or 14 CM
6L / 6 Kilo 10.25” or 26 CM 5.9” or 15 CM