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Edwards E2M28 Vacuum Pump (115)


This Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump (E2M28) is manufactured by Edwards. Made with state-of-the-art technology, these pumps are usually lower in cost when compared to most other pumps on the market. There’s a reason they’ve become the industry standard for laboratory and light industrial rotary pump applications.



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  • Ultimate vacuum
  • Quiet and consistent
  • Oil distribution system
  • Low upfront cost

The E2M28 model pump’s ability to reach ultimate vacuum levels is a cost advantage over other vacuum pumps, but maintenance should also be considered before purchase.

Quiet and consistent.

Proper pump maintenance is one of the main contributors to the longevity of any vacuum pump’s life. An oil rotary vacuum pump tends to be more on the quiet side, while still maintaining a consistent pump speed.

Oil pressure distribution system.

The Edwards Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump features a motor with an oil pressure system, which lubricates the pump shaft surfaces. This pump also has an oil distribution valve which allows for cooling of the motor while preventing oil from flowing inside the pump after it has been shut down.* The constant deep vacuum pulls the Edwards Vacuum Pump can achieve at a reasonable cost allows it to be a great fit for most applications.

Need help?

As with any of our vacuum pump products, making the right decision for your lab and situation can sometimes be a tough call. Thankfully, you’re not alone! We know that building a laboratory can be daunting, that’s why we pride ourselves on world-class support.

If you need some more information or guidance before making your purchase, just give our sales staff a call or stop by our shop in Longmont, Colorado. We serve Denver, Boulder, and all major cities of Colorado. Not only that, but we ship our products around the world.

*Note: Be warned that oil suck back can occur if the gas ballast is opened. This is because the system is air tight and it does not allow suck-back. 

Buy Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump - Edwards E2M28 Online from Lab Society
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