EasyVac Vacuum Pump -7cfm

EasyVac Vacuum Pump


The EasyVac Vacuum Pump from Across International is a single-stage, sliding rotary vane vacuum pump.

Its main selling point is its lower cost when compared to some other alternatives. However, it relies on oil, which has to be replaced at regular intervals.



7 cfm (EV7) 9 cfm (EV9)
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Rotary vane pump.

Rotary vane pumps use oil to make a tight seal and remove heat from rotors by lubricating the parts. These pumps can reach deep ultimate vacuum levels, and they have variable displacement capacities ranging from low to high. EasyVac Vacuum Pumps work well for samples that contain solvents, aqueous vapors or compounds with high boiling points. Cold traps or vacuum traps should be used to prevent contamination of oil.

Relies on oil to get the job done.

The tradeoff of using oil is that it has to be replaced regularly which can possibly end up being costly depending on your individual needs and usage patterns. We recommend strictly adhering to the manual and all printed instructions for safe and efficient use.

Proper maintenance is required.

Maintenance on these types of pumps is recommended every 3,000 hours. The life expectancy of these (and all) rotary vane pumps relies heavily on how well they are maintained. Just as with a car or any other piece of complicated machinery, proper care, regular check-ups, and oil monitoring are key to extending the life of laboratory vacuum pumps. We advise that you carefully weigh the alternatives, and consider what will be best for your lab and specific situation in the long run.

Which one should you choose?

Not every product is right for every lab and situation, so be realistic about your own needs. As always, if you have questions about which vacuum pump is right for you. That’s why we’re standing by to answer any questions that come up. Or, feel free to stop by our shop in Longmont, Colorado to see the equipment and learn more in person.