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Edwards nXDS10iC

A Smart Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

The nXDS dry scroll vacuum pump (produced by Edwards) is a pump that uses two spiral scrolls to compress gasses. The gasses are then directed towards the exhaust. These pumps can have a higher outlay initially, but they can offset the upfront amount with cost savings down the road.

Because the dry scroll vacuum pump is an “oil-less” pump, it requires much less maintenance and related costs than many other models.

For some labs, this pump will ensure more up-time and long-term savings.


  • two spiral scrolls compress gasses
  • oil-free / environmentally friendly
  • quiet operation
  • better at handling water vapor
  • improved over the previous XDS generation

Oil-free, environmentally friendly.

Depending on the pump, scrolls are recommended to be changed approximately every 40,000 hours of use due to normal wear and tear. The elimination of oil in this application is also major plus for the environment, as it reduces the hydrocarbon output from the device.

Quiet and great for handling water vapor.

Dry scroll vacuum pumps are known to be quiet and are better at handling water vapor than most other vacuum pumps on the market. The scrolls inside the unit are typically made of metal, so even on the chemical/corrosion-resistant models, only samples lower than 20% of acids are recommended.

Improved over earlier XDS models.

This pump is a improvement over the previous generation of XDS, due to its increased pump seed, consistently lower vacuum levels, reduced noise, and lower power consumption. The new nXDS also employs the use of an upgraded tip seal which allows the pump to have a longer life between the tip changing schedules.

Make the right choice for your lab.

In the end, you will have to decide whether the longer span between maintenance, the reduced environmental impact, and generally smoother-running dry scroll vacuum pump is the right choice for you.

In some lab situations, the lifetime cost savings more than justify the initially increased upfront price.

If you are unsure which category would benefit you and your lab most, give us a call and we can discuss options to reach the smartest solution for your lab.