J-Kem DC-1 Distillation Controller



The DC-1 Distillation Controller is a combination controller and monitor that allows the user to control mantle temperature and stir speed and monitor the temperature at a secondary location on the system.

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The DC-1 Distillation Controller utilizes a highly accurate digital PID control that lets you set the desired temperature for your heating mantle top and bottom.

The controller also shows the actual temperature reading during heat-up and cool-down. The temperature control portion of the DC-1 uses a percentage-based power control knob, which allows input power to be controlled and is displayed in terms of flask size (larger flasks require more input power for effective heating).

The DC-1 includes an analog stir control for controlling stir bar speed. It also includes a separate digital temperature monitor that can monitor temperature from a secondary location in the system, such as the top of the distillation head.

The combination of the temperature controller, temperature monitor, and stir-speed controller in one single unit makes the DC-1 a highly effective, multi-purpose tool and a must-have for any serious laboratory performing distillations or similar processes utilizing a heating mantle system.


  • Combination Temperature Controller, Temperature Monitor, and Analog Stir Controller
  • K-Type Thermocouple connections – for the Temperature Controller and Temperature Monitor
  • Controls both the top heating mantle and bottom heating mantle – two separate power outlets on the back of the controller
  • Data-loggable/controllable via USB connection
  • EliteLab® Compatible
  • 120V 60 Hz 15 Amps
  • 1800 Watts Heating Capacity

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J-Kem DC-1 Distillation Controller
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