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Digital Hot Plate Stirrer

– SH Scientific

This Digital Hot Plate Stirrer is ideal for handling large vessels.

It has excellent chemical, scratch and abrasion resistance.

The heating plate of this product was designed to allow for minimal heat transfer to the internals of the unit, which will help extend its lifespan. The rubber feet (with suction cups) of this digital hot plate/stirrer, coupled with its low center of gravity, protect this product against accidental spills and tipping over.

With a built-in LCD interface, selecting and changing parameters via the dial is both fast and easy. The back-lit LCD screen and knob give you control over mixing speed and temperature while letting you monitor the speed and temperature range.

The hot plate portion of the digital hot plate stirrer contains a microprocessor which allows the unit to obtain an accurate temperature and stirring speed, ensuring a faster and more even distribution of heat.

The maximum stir speed for this unit is 1,500 RPM. The minimum temperature is 25°C, and the maximum heat temperature is 400°C.

*Note: This unit has over-temperature protection.

System Specifications

Model: SH-SH1

Overall specifications

Body Material Ceramic Coated Aluminum
Plate Material Powder Coated Aluminum
Plate Size 7.09 x 7.09 (inches)
Stirrer Speed Range 80 to 1,500 RPM
Speed Resolution 5 RPM
Max. Stirring Volume (H20) 20 Liters
Max. Temperature 400°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.3°C
Temp. Resolution Display 0.1°C
Temp. Resolution Control 0.5°C
Controller Digital Fuzzy Controller with Touch Button & Rotary switch
Timer 99hr 59minuites
Display Full Digital LCD Display with Back-Light
Heating Output 600 Watts
Motor Brushless Shade Motor
Maximum Stir Bar Size 50mm
Safety Features Over Temp Protection
Power Consumption 650W
Power 1 Phase, AC 120V, 60Hz

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