DC-40 Chiller

DC-40 Chiller (Delta Separations)


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The DC-40 Direct Chiller from Delta Separations eliminates the need for cumbersome, low-temperature freezers or circulators.

The DC-40 is capable of chilling 30 gallons of alcohol from 20°C to -40°C in 20 minutes. It is ETL certified, C1D2 compliant, and peer-reviewed. It is designed to be matched with Delta’s CUP-15/30.

Efficiently chilling solvent is a vital step in alcohol extraction, and this can be difficult without the proper equipment. Delta Separations developed this direct chiller to solve the problem by creating a compact, space-saving solution that consumes less power and chills alcohol faster than traditional methods. This increases throughput and saves valuable post-processing time.

Standard Features:


  • Low Amperage
  • User Interface
  • ETL Certified / C1D2 / Peer-Reviewed


  • Ethanol Chilling Tank; 48” W x 38” D x 57” H
  • Weight: 575 lb
  • Condensing Unit; 96” W x 45.25” D x 56” H
  • Weight: 1,500 lb


  • VFD for Ethanol Pump
  • Microprocessor Controller for Refrigeration Skid
  • Modbus or Ethernet Controller Compatibility


  • Option 1; 208V-240V, three-phase Full-Load-Amperage (FLA): 50
  • Option 2; 460V-480V, three-phase Full-Load-Amperage (FLA): 25