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Vertical Cold Finger Condenser

– Lab Society

Vertical Cold Finger Condenser

(Fits with the LS-DR29-45X)

This new vertical cold condenser works great with our distillation receiver adapter, and it allows vapor that funnels through the piece to be condensed and collected below.


  • Two (2) GL-18 ports – for a great seal, in and out of the glassware
  • One (1) Lower inner Rodaviss joint 45/50 – Quickly and easily disconnect connected pieces, thanks to the nature of the joint.
  • One (1) Angled inner outlet joint – 29/42
  • One (1) Cold finger – allows you to condense passing vapor via a chilled recirculating liquid

Note: If you have any questions about which pieces this vertical condenser can be paired with, just give us a call.

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