CES Standalone Centrifuge Family
CES-1000 Centrifuge
CES-1000-ISO Centrifuge
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CES-300-ISO Centrifuge
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CES Standalone Centrifuge Family

Standalone Centrifuges

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These standalone ethanol centrifuges (from MACH Technologies) are designed for targeted-compound extraction from biomass material. 

This is one of our most popular and recommended skids for cannabis/hemp extraction.

The MACH Technologies CES series are high-efficiency, centrifuge-style extraction systems designed for use with warm or cryogenic ethanol as the extraction solvent.


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The MACH CES series is operated from a C1D2 HMI (Human Machine Interface) and includes specialized features such as double-jacketed extraction vessels, extended bearing centers for robustness, and recipe-driven control.

Standalone Centrifuge Features:

  • Up to 98% botanical compound removal
  • Up to 97% ethanol removal from biomass
  • Single-operator state of the art controls
  • Jacketed Vessel – for cooling and vacuum insulation, maximizing efficiency with lower operational costs
  • Plug & Play – Easy electrical connections for quick set up and easy operation
  • Specialized O-Ring Sealing System – Each unit has a cascade O-Ring system to ensure leak-free operation.
  • Reduced operational costs – Standalone centrifuges are designed to lower operational costs, such as double tank jackets, insulated piping, motor amperage monitoring system, and electrical cooling.

Each standalone centrifuge (and the entire skid) is manufactured in the USA, ensuring the highest quality.

CES Standalone Centrifuge Family
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