Cascade Filter Reactor Package

Cascade Filter Reactor Package

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Filter Reactor Packages from Cascade Sciences are complete isolate production systems that include the reactor, filter housing, temperature control, and vacuum system on a mobile cart.


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20L 50L
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Cascade Sciences’ Filter Reactor Packages are available in 20L and 50L sizes. They are an all-in-one filter reactor package for isolate production.

The adjustable height and maximum stir bar coverage allows for maximum isolate yield.

Isolate can be created rapidly using these systems in just 4-6 hours.

A valve-controlled spray ball system inside the reactor ensures uniform washes and easy cleaning.

The system includes a vacuum-assisted carboy for collecting mother liquor (for easy re-processing).

The filter reactor itself has a delta temperature rating of 110°C and includes a full jacket to minimize dead space.

A mobile cart is included for easy isolate removal.

PTFE seals ensure maximum vacuum capability and a safety poppet valve ensures the vessel cannot be overpressurized.

Additional Specifications

System Specifications

Filter Reactor Package 20L 50L
Operating Pressure: Full Vacuum Up to +0.5 bar G Full Vacuum Up to +0.5 bar G
Operating Temperature: -90°C to +200°C (ΔT:110°C) -90°C to +200°C (ΔT:110°C)
Approx. Footprint: 76”W x 60”D x 102”H 76”W x 60”D x 118”H
Reactor Unit: 37.4”W x 54.1”D x 100.9”H 37.4”W x 54.1”D x 114.8”H
Equipment Pkg: Integrated Mobile Cart 26”W x 26”D x 51”H Integrated Mobile Cart 26”W x 26”D x 51”H
Power Circuits: 1 230V/1ph/20AMP & 1 each 120V/1ph/20AMP 1 208V/1ph/20AMP, 1 120V/1ph/20AMP, 1 120V/1ph/20AMP
Agilent Vacuum Pump - NRTL Certified
Speed: 5.4 CFM 9 CFM
Ultimate Pressure: 2 x 10-2 Torr 10 x 10-3 Torr
Power: 120V/1ph/6AMP 120V/1ph/5AMP
Cold Trap - NRTL Certified
Capacity: 3Qt. (2839mL) 3Qt. (2839mL)
Temperature: -50°C -50°C
Power: 115V/1ph/4AMP 115V/1ph/13AMP
Temperature Control - NRTL Certified
Type: CC-508 Huber or Julabo
Temp Range: -55°C to +200°C -90°C to +200°C
Power: 230V/1ph/16.5AMP 208V/1ph/14.5AMP
Cascade Filter Reactor Package
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