Burette (Class A, PTFE Stopcock)

$176.45 - $239.25 $141.16 - $191.40

This burette is a graduated glass tube with a glass tip at one end. It is used for dispensing known amounts of liquids. A burette is mainly used in experiments involving conducting titration.

This 100ml burette is Class A with a PTFE stopcock.

$176.45 - $239.25 $141.16 - $191.40

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Easily measure liquids contained within using the markings on the outside of the glass. Burettes are must-have when it comes to performing quantitative chemical analysis or titration.

Our Class A burettes are are ISO9000 compatible and are for volumetric determinations. Our burettes are made of lab-grade, borosilicate glass.

Class B, on the other hand, are made at half the tolerances of Class A. They are usually made of soda-lime glass and are not intended to have prolonged exposure to chemicals in the way that Class A products are. For the best safety and longevity, we strongly recommend going with Class A.

The built-in PTFE stopcock allows you to easily control the flow of liquid inside the burette, making dispensing exact amounts a breeze.

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Burette (Class A, PTFE Stopcock) - Buy Online from Lab Society
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