EES-X-1800 Turnkey Ethanol Extraction System

MACH EES Series Automated Ethanol Extraction System

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MACH Technologies Ethanol Extraction Skid is a complete, PLC-controlled, automated extraction skid.

This complete solution offers cryogenic automated ethanol extraction, automated solvent recovery, and automated decarboxylation in a single system.


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20gph / 20L Decarb 20gph / 20L Decarb / C1D2 Enclosure 60gph / 20L Dual Decarb 60gph / 20L Dual Decarb / C1D2 Enclosure 60gph / 40L Dual Decarb 60gph / 40L Dual Decarb / C1D2 Enclosure
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The MACH EES combines continuous ethanol chilling and pumping, as well as precision temperature and process control, with automated valving via a PLC program. This state-of-the-art extraction and biomass drying system also includes a particle filtration stage. All functions of the system are controlled by a single operator interface.

The entire system is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. The system also incorporates the latest in safety controls and protocols for safe continuous operation. The EES uses a specialized o-ring sealing system to ensure consistent, leak-free operation.

The extraction unit utilizes a double jacketed vessel for cooling and vacuum insulation to maximize thermal efficiency and reduce operational costs. All machine components are rated for C1D2 environments. Plug and play electrical connections make installation quick and easy for trouble-free startup. The EES also incorporates a remote connection for on-demand technical support directly with the MACH team.

The MACH EES is designed for efficiency as well as reducing operational costs. Double jacketed tanks, insulated piping, motor amperage monitoring systems, and electrical cooling all help reduce the overall operational cost of the system and allow for greater extraction efficiency.

Technical Information:

Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction via EES-3000

  • Capacity: Up to 1000 lbs per shift (8 hours)
  • Batch Cycle Time: Typically between 15-20 minutes, dependent on recipe
  • Footprint: 210″ L x 40″ W x 81″ H

Solvent Recovery via ASR-60

  • Capacity: Up to 60 gallons per hour of ethanol recovery
  • Recovery Efficiency: Typically 90-95% ethanol removal from extraction stream
  • Footprint: 84.5″ L x 45″ W x 118″ H

Decarboxylation via DS-5050

  • Capacity: 50 liter reactor volume, 40 liter max working volume per batch
  • Batch Cycle Time: Dependent on operator inputs
  • Footprint: 45.5″ L x 33″ W x 74″ H


EES-X-1800 Turnkey Ethanol Extraction System
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