ASE-100 Solvent Evaporator
ASE-100 Solvent Evaporator
ASE-100 Solvent Evaporator
ASE-100 Solvent Evaporator

ASE-100 Solvent Evaporator


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The ASE-100, by Precision Extraction, is a C1D1 and peer-reviewed solvent recovery system that can evaporate up to 100 liters per hour of solvent solution.

The ASE 100 includes PLC control and a C1D1 tablet with remote monitoring capabilities.

The proprietary evaporation and recovery system utilizes rising, cyclonic technology to achieve high solvent evaporation and recovery rates.

System Features:

  • Approved solvents: ethanol, heptane, methanol
  • Continuous feed to the solvent evaporator and recovery system
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA
  • Full human-machine interface (HMI) with touch screen
  • Full load steady-state power: 31 kW
  • Highly durable construction for long lifespan
  • PLC controlled with C1D1 tablet and remote monitoring capabilities
  • Proprietary recovery method designed for optimal efficiency
  • Superior rising cyclonic evaporation technology
  • Turnkey solvent evaporation and recovery system

Additional Specifications

System Specifications

Model: ASE 100 Solvent Evaporator
Dimensions (approx.): 78” L x 35” W x 88” H
Control Panel Dimensions (approx.): 36” L x 17” W x 57” H
Evaporation Rate: Up to 100L/h
Evaporation Method: Centrifugal
Occupancy Classification: F-1 ,H
Total Power Consumed: 40 kW, 480 VAC, 3~
Throughput Capacity: 10L Crude Oil Per Hour @ 10/1 solvent crude ratio
Warranty**: One Year
PLC Control: C1D1 Tablet with Remote Monitoring Capabilities