Joint Size 24/40 Top Outer, 29/42 Lower Inner 29/42 Top Outer, 29/42 Lower Inner 34/45 Top Outer Dewar, 29/42 Lower Inner, GL-18s, Vacuum Take-off
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Allihn-Style High Efficiency Condenser

– by Lab Society

High Efficiency Condenser, BulbStyleAn all-new, high-efficiency condenser, without coil holdup.

Our new Allihn-style condensers have a bulb-type (or wave-like) enclosure on the inner part of the condenser. This intricate piece of glassware will allow cooled or heated fluids to flow right through.

Once fluid exits the bulb portion of the condenser, it flows into an outer jacket, further cooling (or heating) the vapors. The true beauty of this condenser is that you won’t sacrifice system throughput in the process.


  • increased surface area – a significant improvement, with Allihn bulbs inside of each jacketed condenser
  • low hold-up – designed to allow large volumes of vapor or liquid to flow smoothly
  • adaptable – for all 24/40 outlet distillation heads (LS-PDH-2, LS-PDH-2S, LS-DH20-HE, LS-DH30-HE)
  • 29/42 outlet – for connected-style distribution adapters or 3-way distribution adapters
  • high-temperature fittings – GL-18 fittings for use with heating oils

Note: The condenser should be filled from the GL-18 connection farthest away from the distillation head connection/joint.

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