AccuTemp Vacuum Oven



This vacuum oven creates works by creating an airtight chamber through the use of a vacuum pump.

This changes the nature of chemical reactions that occur with convection heat, and the atmosphere can be further controlled by adding an inert gas into the system.



Max Temp
212°F ECO OVEN: 300°F // STANDARD OVEN: 480°F
ECO UL Certified
0.9 Cu ft. 1.9 Cu ft. 16 Cu. ft. 3.2 Cu ft. 3.2 Cu. ft. 5 cu. ft. 7.5 Cu ft. 7.5 Cu. ft.
110V 220V
Max Shelves Standard
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  • Prevents surface reactions and contamination
  • Increased evaporation rates over convection ovens
  • Accelerated out-gassing

Prevents surface reactions and contamination.

A vacuum oven has the added bonus of preventing surface reactions (like oxidation, for example). Removing carbon, oxygen, and other gasses prevents contamination of the product sample.

In addition, quick cooling (or quenching) of a product will help shorten the cycle times of the process. An example of an effective inert gas would be Argon, which can quickly cool the system after the desired process has taken place.

Increased evaporation rates over convection ovens.

Typically, vacuum drying is useful for drying hygroscopic substances, as the pressure is reduced surrounding the substance that you are trying to dry.

The result is an increased evaporation rate, meaning that drying can take place faster than with a normal convection oven. The convenient tray placement of this vacuum oven is designed for maximum laboratory usefulness.

Accelerated out-gassing.

Vacuum ovens can assist with decontaminating samples (such as removing lubricants) and they can accelerate the out-gassing process, if necessary. For all these reasons, they are indispensable.

Vacuum ovens are a critical component of any organic chemistry lab, and they are something that we couldn’t live without!

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AccuTemp Vacuum Oven
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