G3X Upgrade Kit (20L G3/X to G3X-R)



This upgrade kit includes all the parts necessary to convert a 20L G3/X system to the latest G3X-R system.

This kit includes a 20L boiling flask with 150mm reactor flange, clamp & o-ring, the DH-150HE distillation head, evacuated & temperature-controlled inserts, wide-neck top-mantle, and insulator for the distillation head.

G3X Short Path Distillation Upgrade Kit

Upgrading to the 150mm reactor flange system gives operators an array of benefits over standard taper-joint systems.

Some of these features include:

  • Sustained flow rates of 3-4.5 liters per hour (LPH)
  • Low variance between boiling and vapor temperatures due to exceptionally large vapor path
  • Rapid pre-condensation within top of distillation head (High Efficiency Technology)
  • Controllable reflux via 45/50 head inserts
  • Easy cleaning of boiling flask via 150mm orifice in center of flask
  • Compatibility with 45/50 condensers from standard 20L G3/X systems

Note: It is recommended to have the G3X valve system prior to upgrading, due to the rapid throughputs of the R-series distillation head. Fast distillation rates cause large flasks to fill rapidly; therefore, having the ability to swap flasks during a live distillation is an important factor with the 20L G3X-R system.

20L G3X Upgrade Kit (20L G3/X to G3X-R)
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