LS-DH-150HE 150mm High Efficiency Distillation Head (Silvered)

High Efficiency Distillation Head (150mm)



This is the latest installment of Lab Society’s distillation heads is the 150mm High Efficiency head.

Lab Society’s patented High Efficiency distillation head technology is the core design function of the head, with two temperature zones employed to rapidly condense vapors as they enter the pre-condensing section of the head.

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For maximum surface area.

Vapors exit the boiling flask into the lower, insulated section of the head and up into the silvered & vacuum-jacketed section to be separated via reflux.  Vapors that make it to the top of the silvered section then condense on the non-jacketed pre-condenser at the top of the head.  This function causes high-speed distillation rates while preserving the ability to separate compounds under high vacuum. This head features a 100mm-bore distillation column with large Vigreux indents to increase surface area within the vapor path, as well as enough spacing to allow for fitment of head inserts to further increase surface area and/or control reflux via circulated fluids.
Silvered Short Path Distillation Head

150mm Lower Flange, 45/50 O-Ring Inner Take Off Joint

The 150mm reactor flange system gives operators an array of benefits over standard taper-joint systems.  Some of these features include:

  • Sustained flow rates of 3-4.5 liters per hour (LPH)
  • Low variance between boiling and vapor temperatures due to exceptionally large vapor path
  • Rapid pre-condensation within top of distillation head (High Efficiency Technology)
  • Controllable reflux via 45/50 head inserts
  • Easy cleaning of boiling flask via 150mm orifice in center of flask
  • Compatibility with 45/50 condensers from standard 20L G3/X systems

LS-DH-150HE 150mm High Efficiency Distillation Head (Silvered)
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