Vacuum System Accessories

In our years of experience, one thing we've seen time and again is how an otherwise effective lab can be brought to a halt through the seemingly insignificant failure of a single, non-essential component.

Avoid expensive downtime.

To keep you up and running, we can't stress enough that you should always have extra parts on hand just in case of the unexpected. Don't waste money or time due to a broken part.

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Just like with data - always have a backup!

Lab Society wholeheartedly recommends that all labs purchase backup vacuum accessories in case of broken parts or part failure. A little bit of extra preparation today can save you days of headaches down the road.

Vacuum pump products.

We have a large selection of the “little things”, like attachments, tubing, lubricants, cold traps, filters, and valves. Make sure that you always have a spare on hand of any part that, if it failed, would stop the productivity of your laboratory.

Keep extra vacuum accessories on hand.

At a minimum, we suggest you keep extra tubing, vacuum hoses, valves, vacuum traps, thermocouples, and oil on hand at all times.

Seemingly insignificant issues can cause costly downtime for a commercial lab. Each day (or hour!) that a commercial lab cannot function properly is money down the drain. Anticipate these problems in advance, and it will be smooth, productive sailing for you and your team.