Terpene Distillation & Steam Distillation Products

Being able to effectively extract terpenes from plant materials is becoming increasingly in demand. Terpenes are very diverse compounds, and they are produced from many different sources, such as: fruits, plants, insects, and trees. We've created a wide range of custom glassware and products to lead the way in terpene distillation. A little extra effort in your laboratory can lead to dramatically improved results.  
  • Buy Terpene Distillation Kit and a Steam Distillation Kit Online

    Terpene Distillation Kit

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  • Buy Oil Water Separator Online from Lab Society

    Oil/Water Separator

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  • Buy a Biomass Flask (5L) online from Lab Society's Lab Equipment Store

    Biomass Flask, 5L

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  • Buy A Distillation Arm Online from Lab Society - Lab Equipment Online

    Distillation Arm

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  • Buy a Glass Graham Condenser Online from Lab Society Laboratory Supplies

    Graham Condenser, 24/40 Joint, 300mm Length

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  • Buy a Nitrogen / Steam Injection Port Tube Online from Lab Society | Scientific Glassware

    Nitrogen/Steam Injection Port Tube

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  • 2L Round Bottom Flask - 2000ml, 2-Neck Angled - Buy Online

    Round Bottom Flask, 2000ml, 2-Neck Angled

    $235.00 $193.33
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  • Buy Separatory Funnels Online from Lab Society

    Separatory Funnel, PTFE Stopcock, 24/40, 60ml

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  • Buy a Vertical Vacuum Takeoff Adapter Online from Lab Society

    Vertical Vacuum Takeoff Adapter, 24/40

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  • Terpenes for Sale - Denver Terpenes - Blends - Buy Online from Lab Society

    Denver Terpenes, Blends

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  • Flow Control Adapter

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  • Glass Vials Buy Online from Lab Society

    Glass Vials

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Terpene Distillation