Temperature Control

Getting consistent and highly accurate temperatures is vital to creating repeatable, high-quality results. Eliminating the guesswork from your operations is critical to achieving success.

Essential for every lab.

We've sourced only the finest temperature control products out there, and when we came across solutions that didn't exist or simply didn't work, we built our own.

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Finely tune and monitor temperatures.

When dealing with complex chemical reactions, having the ability to finely control temperatures within your system is crucial.

When managing chemical reactions, boiling points, vapor temperatures, coolant temperatures, and other complicated processes, having the right temperature control products is supremely important.

If parts of your laboratory aren’t set to the correct temperature, or if you can’t effectively monitor the temperature at key points in the chain, significant problems can arise.

These errors could be caused by incorrectly placing a thermoprobe, or simply not having the right temperature monitoring equipment in place to begin with.

Consistency is (nearly) impossible without temperature control.

If you’re unable to control temperatures in your lab for any reason, you can expect that your results will vary wildly. Most of the procedures that our equipment is commonly used for require specific temperatures or temperature ranges to achieve desired results.

Chillers, heaters, and temperature monitors will all alleviate or eliminate common problems, and combined they can give you complete control over the parameters that are vital to successful production.

Reduce impurities, achieve repeatable results.

Whether you’re performing production runs or just conducting research, we’ve sourced and manufactured reliable temperature control products that will help you reduce inconsistencies and unwanted impurities in your lab.