Temperature control - essential for every lab.

Getting consistent and highly accurate temperatures is vital to creating repeatable, high-quality results. Eliminating the guesswork from your operations is critical to achieving success. We've sourced only the finest temperature control products out there, and when we came across solutions that didn't exist or simply didn't work, we built our own.
  • DuraChill 6860 from PolyScience - Buy Online from Lab Society

    PolyScience 6860 DuraChill

    from: $6,869.00
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  • Buy Heidolph RotaChiller - Benchtop - Online from Lab Society Scientific Supplies

    Heidolph RotaChiller, Benchtop

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  • Buy a Heating Circulator from Julabo Online from Lab Society

    Heating Circulator – Julabo

    from: $3,008.00

    from: $3,008.00

  • Heated Circulator from PolyScience - Buy Laboratory Equipment Online - Heated Recirculator

    PolyScience Heated Circulator

    from: $1,772.00
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  • Immersion Chiller - PolyScience - Buy Online from Lab Society

    PolyScience Immersion Chiller

    from: $1,705.00
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  • Buy a Mechanical Cold Trap Online Here | Lab Supplies, Laboratory Equipment, and more!

    Mechanical Cold Trap

    from: $2,990.00
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  • Across International Recirculating Chiller - Buy Online from Lab Society

    Recirculating Chiller

    from: $1,990.00

    from: $1,990.00

  • Lab Society Thermocouple Adapter - Buy Thermocouple Adapters Online

    Thermocouple Adapter

    from: $55.00
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  • Analog Stirring Controller - Buy Online from Lab Society

    Analog Stirring Controller

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  • J-Kem Temperature Controller - Buy Lab Equipment from Lab Society

    J-Kem Temperature Controller

    from: $860.00
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  • Vapor Temperature Monitoring Kit - Vapor Temperature Monitor Kit

    Vapor Temperature Monitoring Kit

    From: $650.00
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  • Digital Temperature Monitor - J-Kem - Buy Online at Lab Society

    J-Kem Digital Temperature Monitor

    from: $495.00
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Temperature Control