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If there's one area of our work that we take great pride in, it's our custom-made laboratory glassware. Over the years, we've seen the tremendous impact quality lab glass can have on productivity, for good and for bad! We made a conscious decision several years ago to not do things the easy way, but to do them the right way. Unsatisfied with what was currently on the market, we created our own, patent-pending designs and products. We consider every product in this category to be "best in class", and all products with the "LS" logo are our own original creations.
  • Vacuum Trap Receiving Flask - 45/50, 500mL - Buy Online

    45/50, 500mL Receiving Flask for Vacuum Trap

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  • Auxiliary Condenser Kit

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  • Beaker, Economy

    from: $1.10
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  • Beaker, Eisco Lab

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  • Bomex Beaker Griffin Buy Online from Lab Society

    Beaker. Bomex

    from: $2.80
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  • Buy a Biomass Flask (5L) online from Lab Society's Lab Equipment Store

    Biomass Flask, 5L

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  • Buy a Bubbler Check Valve Online - Lab Society Scientific Glassware

    Bubbler, Check Valve

    from: $194.15
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  • Buy a Buchi Evaporating Flask Online from Lab Society

    Buchi Evaporating Flask, 24/40

    from: $422.95
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  • Burette (Class A /PTFE Stopcock)

    from: $165.05
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  • Buy a Dispensing Burette PTFE Online from Lab Society

    Burette (Dispensing / PTFE Stopcock)

    from: $186.50
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  • Bushing Adapter - Buy Online from Lab Society

    Bushing Adapter

    from: $32.90
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  • Chemglass Distribution Adapter

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