• Buy vac purge ovens online at Lab Society, backed by our price match assurance.

    Cascade Vacuum Purge Oven

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  • Buy a Connecting Adapter Online from Lab Society

    Connecting Adapter

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  • Buy an Inline Dual Distribution Adapter Online from Lab Society

    Dual Inline Distribution Adapter

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  • Buy an Electronic Balance Online from Ohaus and Lab Society

    Electronic Balance – OHAUS Scout

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  • Buy an Inline Manual Valve Online from Lab Society, your source for American-made lab equipment.

    KF(NW) Inline Manual Valve

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  • Buy a chemistry lab coat for science online from Lab Society - Laboratory equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

    Lab Coat

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  • T-41 Acid Activated Bleaching Clay

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  • T-5 Neutral Activated Bentonite Clay

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  • Table Clamp - Buy Vise Clamps Online from Lab Society

    Table Clamp

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