Laboratory Supports and Clamps

The last thing you want to feel in your lab is that a gentle breeze could ruin everything. When dealing with an intricate web of delicate glassware and precise components, having the right supports and clamps in place will help you keep it all together safely.

Keep your valuable glassware going strong.

We've worked hard to not only up the quality and ruggedness of our own glassware and products to make them "bump-proof", but we've also worked with industry leaders and professionals to offer the most reliable supports and clamps on the market. 
  • Buy an Inline Manual Valve Online from Lab Society, your source for American-made lab equipment.

    KF(NW) Inline Manual Valve

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  • Buy a Mountable Lab Jack Online from Lab Society, your trusted source for laboratory equipment.

    Mountable Lab Jack

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  • Buy a lattice rack online, to support your valuable glassware and add structure to your lab. Only at Lab Society.

    Lattice Rack Kit

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  • Boss Head Clamp (Right Angle) - Buy Online from Lab Society

    Boss Head (Right Angle)

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  • Buy a chain clamp online from Lab Society

    Chain Clamp

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  • Buy a Lab Jack Online - Laboratory Jack

    Lab Jack

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  • Buy a Pinch Clamp Online from Lab Society

    Pinch Clamp

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  • Retort Ring - Buy Laboratory Equipment Online - Lab Society

    Retort Ring

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  • Shop Ring Stands, Retort, and Clamp Connections Online from Lab Society Supports and Clamps

    Ring Stand – Economy

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  • Buy Stainless Steel Hose Clamps Online from Lab Society - Your Source for American-made Laboratory Equipment.

    Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

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  • Steel Rod

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  • Superior Ring Stand Set, Blue

    Superior Blue Ring Stand Set

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Supports & Clamps