Laboratory Supports and Clamps

The last thing you want to feel in your lab is that a gentle breeze could ruin everything. When dealing with an intricate web of delicate glassware and precise components, having the right supports and clamps in place will help you keep it all together safely.

Keep your valuable glassware going strong.

We've worked hard to not only up the quality and ruggedness of our own glassware and products to make them "bump-proof", but we've also worked with industry leaders and professionals to offer the most reliable supports and clamps on the market.

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Bundled with every Lab Society kit.

All of our short path kits come with the necessary supports and clamps to keep them in place in the most demanding of conditions. To beef up your own lab, shop our support and clamp products above.

Stabilize everything, stay in control.

When setting up a lab with expensive glassware, monitors, and controllers, things can get cluttered in a hurry. We don’t need to tell you that accidents can happen, and that knocking over a crucial piece of equipment can be costly.

These clamps and supports will not only help you visually de-clutter your lab, they’ll also help you securely attach important pieces of lab-ware and controllers to a stable area of the system.

Particularly useful for larger, more complicated rigs.

Clamps are also used to reduce stress on larger glass set ups. The bigger the output of the system, the greater the weight, the greater the need for a quality, reliable support structure.

If not taken care of, increased weight can put unneeded stress on joints, components, and glassware, which can cause unnecessary breakage.

Keeping your equipment in optimal condition is just as important as what equipment you put in the lab itself. For industry professionals with large investments in their laboratory, something simple like proper support should not be overlooked for more glamorous components.

Add longevity to your lab.

Supports and clamps are the backbone that holds up any system. Lab Society recommends taking care to ensure that proper support is in place for your systems and the units monitoring or controlling them.