Laboratory Storage Containers

Storage containers are an important part of any lab, as they protect volatile solvents from unwanted evaporation. When dealing with precise temperatures, equipment, and processes, controlling the evaporation of solvents or products can be a crucial variable in any lab.

Stay safe, stay smart.

There are many benefits of using proper storage containers, ranging from improving product quality to preventing potentially life-threatening accidents. From small to large containers, sealing and safely storing precious volatiles is not something you want to overlook.

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Reduce oxidation and the likelihood of mishaps.

Effectively sealing products inside of the proper container allows for reduced oxidation. You can further reduce naturally occurring oxidation by vacuuming out the air in a container after you seal it.

Larger storage containers (such as gallon-size glass jugs for solvents) – especially ones that are flammable – will require additional storage precautions. In some cases, you may need to make use of a chemical storage cabinet.

These cabinets will contain any escaped volatiles, preventing a potentially explosive situation. Cabinets and containers of all sizes are used heavily in labs all over the world.

Storage is a key component of lab safety.

While relatively simple in concept, the importance of proper storage for a laboratory cannot be overstated. It’s simply a critical part of running a responsible, efficient, and safe laboratory.

What kinds of storage containers do I need?

For more information about ensuring proper safety and efficiency in your lab, give us a call, or consult our FAQ.